dilluns, 18 de febrer de 2013


This happened at the beginning of December. We had our first market and there someone saw what we were doing and thought that it was very original. Then in the week after the market we got an e-mail from Duvel Moortgat saying that they liked what we did and that they wanted to have one to promote us. And this is the result... I just send it to Belgium... I hope we will have more news soon!

divendres, 8 de febrer de 2013


While we were in Valencia for Christmas some people came to have a look to what I was doing.. and then..They liked it!! someone asked me if I could design something for her and here is it! not so different but the touch that the fabric goes though is new.. I hope she likes it..!!

dilluns, 14 de gener de 2013

ONCE UPON A TIME......making a necklace.

Trying to make a necklace with Lisbel we came to this point.


This was an idea that came to my mind by coincidence. I was almost sleeping when suddenly this idea of making a kind of necklace came, I just thought that next morning I would have to remember it.. and rare enough I did. 
When we had a Margallo meeting I told my idea and they liked it! so with drawings from Lisbel from and my idea we create a new Margallo product!

It has one pin in its side, so you can pin it in the shape that you like to your clothes.

diumenge, 13 de gener de 2013

This was our first public appearance.